Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The game is growing on me (Update-008)

Yet again it's been a while. But I really try to experience EVE and all the little things in it to the fullest.
Today a player from my corp asked what had happened to my updates on G+ but I thought these updates could be too long for G+ so I made the EVE Experience blog where I can do what I want while telling you about my adventures in EVE.

- Hope you enjoy your stay.

Rookie Mistakes
Since my last post (on Google+) I've made I guess every rookie mistake possible to man... and I'm fully aware of many of them.

The first one is maybe the most common one as I change ships way to often. I don't allow my skills to give me the full benefit of the ship before I want a new one. I dive straight into the ships I think look cool and don't have more than just the required skills to fly them... oh well, it's still fun.
- this also mean I do level 2 missions in a Brutix (no such thing as overkill!).

Actually the only ship I can't say I'm changing from right here and now is my Retriever and my Noctis. Reasons are pretty obvious with the Noctis and training for an Exhumer takes some time.

Another mistake is trying to do every single thing in EVE at the same time. I want to explore the game but can't wait till the next logical step comes to me - I go straight for it. Be it missions, systems or production - I want it all.
- this has made me spend ISK at a disturbing rate but the Retriever make up for it.

These two mistakes are pretty close to ending as the skills take longer to train after you get them to a certain level so there's not much more rushing to do. Now I just need to control the urge to fly a new ship into situations that can cost me the ship because I don't have the skills as the people I see in videos on YouTube.
- but time is money and all that.

I made my first trip to Jita in the weekend. Since I've played other MMO's I know what to expect from a major tradehub but still Jita blew me away!

The talk about Jita in corp and local chat gave me a picture of Jita as a system with 3-400 players online. So I figured it would be like Dalaran in WoW back in the day.
No, this was nok like Dalaran at all - it was like Dalaran on steroids!

When I flew into the Jita system there was 1700 players in local chat. I have no clue if that's standard, many or few but I was amazed to the point where I was simply looking through the local chat to see all the cool player names and gave up following the activity in the chat as it just flew by in seconds.

I felt like I had finally arrived in the core system of EVE. Where everything is possible and people go to follow "the american dream".

Now what?
Well I really have no idea where EVE takes me. I like the corp I'm in, like my small daily routines with production, mining and then running missions or salvaging missions for mission-runners. All this while I look at my skill training and observe every second ticking of the current skill.

There's still some things I look forward to experience in EVE. I want to see a Titan class ship up close and personal. Looking forward to discovering the whole Wormhole deal to figure out what the fuzz is all about. Getting new bigger and better ships and just pushing things to the limit in my own pace.