Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Yet a week has passed for me in EVE. Maybe the most "wow" week I ever had in an MMO.

Every day I grow in knowledge of the game. I learn new things, meet new people and go from "I know it all" to "damn I'm a newb" every single day.

- it's a great feeling all in all.

The trial is ending tomorrow and I can say that I got the most of it. Next step is getting Plex and training the last few (no trial) skills to fly a new ship and take on the next step in EVE. In some way I feel the trial is too limited but on the other hand I guess it's about not taking on more than you can get to "master" in a certain amount of time.

Tutorials and guides have been a daily thing for me during the past few weeks. It's not always easy to find the right guides but you always learn something so it's never a waste.

When I get the new ship I feel I'm ready to take on the duties for the Corp. So far I've been a social freeloader just flying around minding my own business. Now it's time to enter the working ranks and earn my place.

The amount of politics and communication in EVE really stand out. And I never thought there was so much to learn in this area... boy was I wrong!