Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The arrival to New Eden (Update-001)


I think I'll share my "arrival" to New Eden with the community. This means I'll post a little update where the world of EVE is seen from the perspective of a brand new player. Some things might be stupid, some irrelevant and others could (potentially) be worth thinking about. :)

You are more than welcome to comment or slip me some advice. Ingame donations (if anyone would go that way) can be sent to my char.

Taltik Nimero

NE-Day001:As some of you found out yesterday I'm now ingame in EVE. I was a bit confused about the way to navigate in New Eden at first. The whole stargate system was killing me. Then again I guess that's just a matter of forgetting what I've learned in other mmo's.

After an hour or so it began feeling rather natural to navigate in New Eden and I came to my first career missions (industry was my choice). From the first mission I felt like I was a part of the way EVE works - I took part in shaping the univers around me. The experience was greater than expected to say the least.

A few missions in I got a new toy - a new ship and it really felt like an award to me. Like taking the first step up the ladder of EVE. I started mining between missions or when I needed food IRL. This way I made my first 5-6mill ISK within the first day.

Before I went to bed last night (remember I'm based in Denmark - Europe) I put up a skill que so I was able to get mining drones today. So I've just logged out for now as the daily update is kicking in. Before leaving New Eden I bought my mining drones and put up a new skill que.

Now I need to figure out what ship to go for next (after the Venture). I'm rather sure I want to focus on mining and transporting as my primary functions outside of missions. Later on when I have many hours ingame and feel even more at home I'll look towards the more PvP based play.