Wednesday, May 13, 2015

That Exploration...

So, after playing with exploration for a few days I found it's not something I'll be doing too much of. Even if I find it a nice change of pace it's just not something I can find the joy in doing for a longer period of time. Two or three sites and that's it for one session - but always nice to be able to do it when everything else seems boring.

When it comes to the value in ISK I'm fully aware that it should be done in low or null sec. But as I still needed (and still do) to learn how to perfect my probing I just play with it in high sec for now.
Maybe I'll enjoy it even more when the ISK are better.
- but all in all in all you still have to like what you do to make the ISK - not just the ISK.

With exploration basics learned I can more or less cover all the basics of EVE with my main character. He was made to mine and salvage at first, then I trained to fly a little missions and some small time hauling and latest also exploration. So no matter what I feel like doing he can do it for me.
- only thing he's not doing is PvP - there's another character for that part of the game.

All in all I'd say exploration is a great feature if you like flying around New Eden on your own and making some easy ISK. My biggest problem is when I don't find anything of interest in two systems in a row... then I just want to smash my head into the table. So for me it's something to be done right after server-up where the competition is at a minimum. But again, I still need to play with it other places than high sec.

Also I've been doing a little station trading. Nothing much just a few items I've added to my quicklist so I check the market for them when I hit one of the bigger trade hubs. Made a little profit of about 70 million ISK in the last week or so. It's nothing major, but it's "free" income if you can find the right products to work with.

//Fly Safe