Wednesday, April 17, 2013



So as I wrote in my last update my trial is about to end. Actually it ends today. Right now I'm just worried if my new creditcard will arrive on time so I can get a full account today or might have to wait a day or two.

Since I've found it fun to deal with mining and further on will look into exploration I really look forward to a better ship than the Venture. But since I can't train for a Mining Barage on a trial account the next hour or two (till the mailman arrives) are a bit crucial to my gaming the next few days.

If I found out earlier on that I wanted to aim for mining on a more serious level then maybe I could have made the ISK for buying Plex on the market but I think a new player have to be more than just set on a goal to achieve this.

- it's not really hard to earn the ingame ISK to do it if you're 100% set on it.

But with a trial of 14 days you want to try out as much different as possible.

So the ingame amount of ISK I've made is not enough for Plex, but in another month or two that will no longer be a problem.

As of now I make 20-30mill ISK pr day only mining with my Venture.

How much that will turn out to rise with a better ship I'm not sure yet as skills and equipment also have to be taken care of. But I'm aiming for at least 50mill ISK pr day with a new ship.

But I guess time will tell when the mailman arrives (today, tomorrow or whenever).