Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Exploring Exploration - the intro

One of the things I didn't really go too much into last time I played EVE was exploration. After all this should be a solid way of making ISK and getting to see New Eden - hence the name.
Since I came back with an empty skill queue, I thought I'd have a look at this aspect of the game.

At first some basic skills are needed to be able to explore anything with just a minimum of efficiency and I have lined these in my queue today. So in a few days I'll be able to fit a "solid" ship for playing with exploration. I know I could do this in high-sec with even fewer skills, but I'd like to be able to take it a bit further if I get to like it. So a few days of training isn't that bad if you ask me.
- after all trained skills are the best skills in EVE.

I've been watching some youtube clips on exploration and reading guides too. Problem with many guides on EVE is their age and/or lack of information. Not saying my little blog is any different and that's why I don't do guides myself.
However I found a guide that I use as a base of info on exploration and I'll just throw you a link right here: EVE Online Exploration Guide Billions and Billions (of ISK)

 So if you're getting to (or want to) exploration this could also be a place to start for you.
When I get my skills trained I'll be back with more views on exploration in New Eden.

//Fly Safe