Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The EVE Community ROCKS!

I have mentioned this before but I'll gladly do it again and again - the EVE community plain and simply ROCKS!

Not that I ever had any doubts about this, it's just confirmed to me every single time I'm online.

While I was away from EVE I was playing a few other games - I am a gamer after all :)
I went back to World of Warcraft to try the new expansion (another fail from Blizzard) and after that I took a good time in World of Tanks as a some friends tricked me into trying that.

In WoW the community is huge beyond all imagination - but again with more than 10 million players at the launch of Warlords of Draenor what can you expect?
- the problem with the community in WoW is that every single player believe the game is build around them. Be it the raider, the hardcore or casual - they all want the game to be more about them.
What it all comes down to in the end is a very (in numbers) small percentage of players actually doing any good for the game. Mainly podcasters and bloggers. The rest is trolls and "me me me" players. Just a look in any random chat in the game will confirm this.

World of Tanks is (if possible) even worse than WoW. The fact that you're only in any given match for up to 15 minutes really seem to make people think that any other player is a noob who don't get the game mechanics, tactics or is there only to have the team go down in flames.
And having all the player stats (WN8, Efficiency, Win% and more) is really a bad thing as the "good" players can single out the weaker players and troll them down very easily.

In EVE there's so little of this compared to numbers of players. Yes, there's the players always begging for ISK that might be told to "go die in a fire" or maybe a player asking a somewhat stupid question and people having a quick laugh on their account. But in the end all players in EVE are trying to have people keep being active in the game.
Ask the right way (not scam!) and players will gladly help you out if you just lost your ship and need a little ISK. If you're a new player others will help you with links to guides or spend their own time explaining or showing you how to handle different things in New Eden.
- it's simply the best online community I've ever been a part of! And for that I thank every single pilot roaming the systems!

NOTE: I'll be working on some elements of this blog during the next few days so it might change looks a bit.