Wednesday, April 17, 2013



Been a while since my last update about my time in EVE.

- but I still love that game to the max!

Since last update I've experienced a war dec as the biggest thing. Other than that I finally feel more in sync with the skill system in EVE. At first I was affraid to train the wrong skills - but now I know there's really no such thing. Ok, it's possible to make it take longer to get where you want to get in training but not making a wrong turn as such.

Maybe it's just me (and I'm rather sure it could be) but I find the mission system in EVE to be the worst thing in the game. It's just as boring as quests/missions in every other MMO I've played. It just really sucks.

What to do about it I don't know - but a huge fix would be great.

- and fix the whole drone system while you're at it :)

One of the things that I love on the other hand is the billion ways to build your "empire" and to earn ISK in EVE. If you are a little creative and can find the smallest thing to do that people need - then you'll be rich.

Haven't found out what my source of wealth should be yet but I'm getting there :)