Wednesday, April 17, 2013



A few more days have past in EVE. I learn many things every single day. In some way I learn too much to remember it all so I take notes.

There's just a lot of info when starting a game like EVE.

A few of the readers of my other posts have added me ingame and helped me out. As a result I'm getting a quick source of help and advice.

Also a Corp invite has been given to me as a result of my posts here - so I'm moving up the system and meeting great people.

- now I just need to do my best and become a full time part of that Corp.

While playing yesterday I got to understand the skill system a lot better. This was due to a software presented to me called EVEMon. How fast can a person fall in love with a simple piece of software... VERY FAST!

I still love the mining part. Making ISK serves me well as I can buy the upgrades needed for my ship with not a single worry for the price (so far).

But upgrades can be a bit tricky to me... this came to show when I bought a new laser and had to read up on ammunition types.

In WoW there was two typed of ammunition (before they removed it) so just a few clicks and you were ready to pew-pew bang-bang. In EVE there's a bit more to it.

The UI in EVE is no longer as evil as when I started playing just a few days ago. I navigate it easily but still find new things or easier ways to do certain actions. And really, why can't all games have an ingame browser?!

Tomorrow is set to be a full day of EVE for me. Helping a friend move today so that'll be hard work and beers - so there couldn't be any better place to spend sunday than New Eden. :)