Sunday, April 28, 2013

Newb vs Learning Curve

Before I started EVE I've read and heard many people talk about the learning curve and community of the game.
Too tough to master, too late to start playing, too much hate between players etc.
- So far I have still to experience just one of these.

In any new game there's always a ton to learn. EVE is no different but it's not at all as hard as people have expressed. Yes, it is hard but no harder than any other MMO in general. What makes EVE stand out as a hard game is the fact that almost every other MMO can be compared in UI, control, skill system and many other features...
... EVE has it's own way of working and that's actually the thing I've found hardest to figure out so far.

The skill system has its ups and downs. The major plus in my book is there's no more grinding to max out a skill as it's purely time based.
On the other hand I can't make it happen any faster no matter what I might do. But then again I can train while logged out having a beer at the local bar watching sports - gotta love that!

Navigation in EVE is also a bit different from other games. By this I mean the way the universe is build. One second you're in a friendly starter system and just one or two jumps later you can be in the deepest s*** you can imagine. So do stay alert when flying through the many systems in New Eden.
But there's a (very!) thin red line that takes you to the systems you can handle via the mission system. Or at least that's my experience so far.

The True Difference
One single mechanic makes it "easy" to grow as a new player in EVE though. Knowing you can actually lose more in a few seconds than you can make in a day. This and this alone makes it obvious to new players (or me at least) that you have to learn from your mistakes or even better - from other players mistakes!
Read blogs, my blog, forums, my blog, articles, my blog, watch videos on youtube and maybe even read my blog... :)

It's not possible to read, watch or know too much about EVE. Before you know it you can be stuck in a situation you thought you'd only read about. Maybe you're getting your Megathron melted by a little Iteron for instance.
Knowing what can happen any given second keep you on your toes in systems at first.
Sooner or later you'll be less of a target because you skill into ships that are more durable compared to your home system - that doesn't mean you're safe though!

As I fly through my high-sec home system I do feel more "in control" as I've grown into my Battle Cruiser and had the chance to level up some of the more important skills to fly it. I still know when to be on my toes but I also know I have a chance to deal with more intense situations than I had in my Destroyer.

Oh yeah, and keep your hands off the autopilot!