Monday, May 6, 2013

What is EVE?

Some might think EVE is just a game. All I have to say to them is; you're wrong!

EVE is the most full blown MMO experience you'll ever be part of.
EVE is the players mining and selling their minerals on the market.
EVE is the players buying the minerals and turning them into ships and modules.
EVE is the players running missions to gain a good standing.
EVE is the players killing to lose standing.
EVE is the players flying between belts to kill rats and salvage the wrecks.
EVE is the dedication it takes to join the CSM.
EVE is the podcasters and bloggers who love to talk or write about it all.
EVE is the scam that takes away millions of ISK from a naive player.
EVE is the player locking their weapons on you.
EVE is when Jita burns.
EVE is paranoid players scanning every single second.
EVE is politics.
EVE is a community like no other.
EVE is trusting those who deserve no trust and going behind the back of friends.
EVE is the ultimate experience.
EVE is Online.


Happy birthday to EVE and credits to CCP for creating this experience.