Monday, May 4, 2015

The Return to EVE

Almost a lifetime has passed by since I left EVE. But now I'm back.
Last week I couldn't find the joy playing any of the games I was currently active in - that's when the voice in my head whispered: "Fight it all you want, EVE is where you'll end up".

I went to their website and got the DL going for the client and well, here I am.

I'm not 100% sure what my main goal will be in EVE this time. All I know is I'll blog about my time in New Eden. Judging from my last period in EVE I'm pretty sure PvP will be a really small part of my time in-game.

So far I've been beating the dust off a few ships by running a few missions and it seems I've come to like the missions this time around. Other than that there's always some skills lined up for the next ship. I my case the next ship will be a battleship (standard). I'm looking towards either a Megathron or Hyperion. I can't really tell why I might go with the Hyperion as I've read close to no positive statement about it but maybe that's why I want to fly it.
The Megathron on the other hand gets a lot of praise in all it's different variations. I guess the Mega is the safe bet.

Anyway, more from me and my EVE Xperience later on.

//Fly Safe