Saturday, May 9, 2015

Exploring Exploration - First Try

So after af few days of training the needed skills I'm now almost ready to make some ISK from exploration. Today I took a quick fitted ship out for a "probe-test" so to speak.

All I actually did was go a few jumps and create a nice little safe spot. Threw my probes and started to scan. Since this was my first ever probe scan I had to get used to the interface of the scanner and working with placing the drones on the map.
- tip: work in 2 dimensions at first as it's way easier to add the 3rd than it is to work with it from the first scan.

After a few relocations of my probes on the map I had a signature at 56% so I simply worked that one till I had it to the fullest. When I eventually got the "warp to" option of the signature I felt like a true space cowboy - a Indiana Jones of the universe!
I was about to go into "unknown space" and didn't know what to expect.

The initial joy came to a hold as I wasn't the only one who was at the site. But after all this was just a little test, so I'm ok with that - even if I'd love to have gotten some ISK from it.

Late sunday (server time) I'll have the next of the needed skills at level 4 and from there there's no major training left for now - just a few that needs to get to level 3.

I'm very excited about exploration so far as I really like the probe scanning part - so let's see how it feels to get the loot in the end.

//Fly Safe