Sunday, May 5, 2013

Now You See Me - Now you Don't

I've heard and read that the game changes in quality once you've trained for cloaking. And I must say expands the game a lot. It makes it possible to go into more dangerous areas and stealth up if danger arises.
As I like to salvage this is a good thing when I jump through belts that I don't normally salvage in and thus have no safe spot to hide in. I can stealth up if something shows in local that I'm not a fan of.

But the thing is there's some limits still. These limits are soon to be dealt with, and I look forward to it!
- my training for a Stealth Bomber is soon done. This makes me able to warp while cloaked.

I really, really, REALLY look forward to jump into my SB and have a few adventures into areas I haven't been yet. At first I'll take it easy but as the needed skills start to complete I'll take it deeper and deeper into low and null sec.

The purpose of my SB is mainly ratting and then the occasional trip to do things on my to-do list like trying to see the bigger ships of EVE. Looking at a youtube video of a Carrier or Titan is one thing, but I want to have the feeling of it. Feel how it is to be close to the giants of New Eden.

Most of my playtime so far has been in high sec, and a little trip into a 0.4 low sec - but that's not where the big boys hang out. I need to go a bit deeper to get the experience I seek.

Since I started my training for the SB I've been reading a bit about the ships of choice and the possible uses of them. Doing this I found a blog that I would like to share with those who're interested in knowing what flying a SB in EVE is like.

It's a blog called Confessions of a Stealth Bomber - and I guess the title says it all.

Next weekend I should have trained some of the needed skills to a level where I feel like taking the ship for a spin. Then we'll see how long it takes for it to pay for itself. No matter how long that'll take I'm sure it will be a great experience to fly it in areas I haven't seen yet.

NOTE: just found an article on cloaking with some FAQ about the subject. Read it here.