Friday, May 3, 2013

Careers: The Choice of EVE

When you start playing EVE there's a lot of things you get thrown at you. Some of the things are easy to cope with while others may need a bit more thought. But can you make the right choice without the needed information?

Personally I researched the internet for a few days to figure out the right path of career for me. You see in EVE there's many ways of playing. You can be a straight-forward mission runner, a pirate, industrialist, a bounty hunter, a transporter and many other things. There's simply a wide range of possibilities in a true sandbox game like this.

There's something to do for every single kind of player, and the security level of the systems dictates how hard these things might be. But always remember this; there's no ISK without a risk.

In my search of answers I came across one single document that gave me close to all of the career choices in one place and showed me the info needed on them. And this document is worth a share - so that's what I'll do.

EVE Careers Guide by Zapatero (55MB PDF)

This is a really nice active (clickable) PDF file that brings a good overview to new players. All credit goes out to Zapatero and who ever helped him create this masterpiece!

After reading this "career bible" you are ready to set some goals - now go reach them... EVE is the limit.