Friday, May 10, 2013

Getting into PvP

I've been reading and watching videos about PvP in EVE. I'm rather sure I'd want to try PvP in some aspect but the great thing about EVE is the different ways you can use PvP.
So far I haven't figured out what kind of PvP speaks to me more. Actually all I've come to terms with is I'll start an alt and train it towards PvP. Not sure if that's really the way to do it, but this way I'll also get some use of my 2nd account.

My first thought is the open world PvP as it adds more excitement I think. But to do that I guess null sec is the place to be and to be honest that scares me a bit yet. I still find myself being a bit extra paranoid when I enter low sec so I have to get used to the thought of that. Open world PvP really isn't that great in high sec if CONCORD has their say.

The obvious choice of style for open world PvP is piracy. After all ISK is the main drive behind close to all actions in EVE. But am I the pirate kind of player? - I ask myself that a lot these days.
I don't see any reason to blow up a Venture or Retriever as their chance of survival is limited due to the lack of weapons. Players belt ratting on the other hand could be a more exciting target in my eyes.
Maybe also those who explore New Eden. Then again maybe piracy would be a fast way to pay the PLEX for the 2nd account.

But for now this is just thoughts of what I'd like to have a closer look at in EVE. No question that PvP is the most attractive style of play for many pilots, and I want to join the ranks. Right now I'm (still) looking for a good blog, guide, forum post, video that actually take into account that it's the first PvP adventure of a player. And it should be of a date new enough to be viable now.
Found some really nice guides from 2009-2011 so I don't rely too much on the info they supply. In general though it seems to be a good idea to start out with a frigate for some newb PvP action.

EVE is a big game to begin with and from where I stand the PvP part of EVE is no different. So if any readers have a good tip or a way of getting into PvP without losing all the time... please do share as I'm ready to get my feet wet.